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$540 for 44mag 1894 ????

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Saw this rifle today, condition is "good" been used but not abused I`d guess you say....Just wonderin if it`s a fair price...rifle is an `81 model JM
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I'd say, if'n you want one, that seems to me to be a fair price.They are not easy to find. I'd say, Go for it.
$540 OTD ? If it's a Real (Pre Remlin) JM Marlin & in Good Condition, That's a Great Price!
If So, Run, Don't Walk! BUY IT NOW!
Captain Kangaroo 2004-present :rolleyes:
That's a fair price. I paid around $800 in the spring for my new one.
Well OB, have you bought it yet???
NOOOO !!! Took a load of freight to Montana it was gone when I got back :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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