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I was having some trouble with my 795 trigger not resetting and I couldn’t find any real good info on why that might have been happening. Just gonna share my experience in case someone else is having a similar issue. I’ve put thousands of rounds through it without any issues infact I would say it’s been at the top of my rifles in reliability. After several deep cleanings and just inspecting all parts inside the action I came to the conclusion it was a slightly bent Magazine Lever assembly. It wasn’t fully grabbing the top of the magazine. Once I bent the little top of where it come in contact with the magazine (I also bent the very top of the magazine) making them easier to contact I now see the entire lever move up into the proper position and now the gun is back to firing without any issues. I hope this might help and if you need any pictures I’d be happy to pull the gun back down and send pictures of what I’m writing about.
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