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I'm sure you'll be happy with a McGowen barrel.....just thought I'd share the following.

Recently bought a Shaw Savage Replacement barrel in 6.5 X 55 Swede for a Stevens 200 action that was a heavy Magnum contour. Nice barrel, price was $180 when shipping was added. This would be price for all contours available from Shaw, if I remember correctly.

From what I gather, Savage barrels are interchangeable with Marlins and etc.

Only problem I had with buying direct from Shaw was they charged my credit card when order was placed, telling me it would take 12-16 wks for delivery. Took about 20 wks to get it.

By the way, bought one of the .308 heavy barrel Marlins a few months ago. It shoots well. I wasn't happy with the only two cartridges offered by Marlin and would have preferred a 7mm-08 too.
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