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8mm mauser rebuild

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Finally got it done, except sighting in the scope! It won't quit raining long enough for me to go to the range. I think it's supposed to clear off a week from this Monday.
Now back to the rifle. Refinished the stock. There is a 'before' picture of the stock that shows it was pretty rough. Installed a scope mount adapter from ATI. Had to modify the stock for that. Put a new barrel (7.92) on it. Cut handle off of bolt and drilled and tapped for a turned down handle. Put a Nikon Prostaff 4-9 with bullet drop compensator scope. Put a 'new' firing pin in the bolt. Cleaned in and out.


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Lookin good gump, nice job on the bolt handle.....waitin to see how she shoots.......:)
8mm mauser

Good job Gumpy! Congrats ! You doin hand-loads or factory ammo?
Love the "8" been shootin it for years, I hand-load all of my stuff for it.:D
Excellent job Gumpy
I have one of those in my gunsafe, and will do it up, one day.

Mine is a 1935 Turkish K98.

Thanks gentlemen. I don't handload, its something I would love to tinker with. This rifle is a Turkish model 1898, rebuilt in 1943 in K.Kale. Its a large ring Mauser, but threaded for a small ring barrel! This is the specs that the Turks wanted at the time cause they had a bunch of barrels that they wanted to utilize.
Very nice job. Thanks for sharing.
Should give you many years of enjoyment.
Congrats Gumpy...let us know how she shoots !!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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