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    Thought I would get some mauser's warmed up for hunting season, I'll be taking the German duv-41 and a Yugo M24/47 out to try some cast bullets. 180 grn RNFP w/gas check using IMR 4227 and IMR 4198 with loads directly out of Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook. Next weekend is the Lever-gun weekend, 300 Savage, model 99, 375 Marlin, and the 94 in 30-30.:cool: the 24/47 is top in 2nd pic
    3044[ ]3045

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    tahoe2, some good looking fire power there!

  3. greyhawk50

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    Very, very nice. My vote is for the one in the top picture but they are all nice.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Patiently waiting for the range report.
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    greyhawk, thanks, that German 98k is an all original GI bringback. Unfortunately the stock finish is not, I had to sand and refinish it due to it being wrapped (and stuck) in a wool GI blanket for some 20 years from something that we never figured out what ! The blueing was not affected and still holds a 70% blue. The bore is dark, dirty & pitted all the way through, but it still prints 3" groups @ 100 with Hornady's 170 RN @ 2700 fps. Plenty good for deer & bear to 200 yds or so; I thought I would see how it likes cast-boolits, if at all. The M24/47 Yugo likes Sierra 175's @ 2600 and does 2" @ 100 (amazing), those are both benched and things open up a little off hand, but still decent. :cool: