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99 M1 Jams

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Used 99 M1 will not clear spent round...easy fix?
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I'll be the 1st wisea$$. Maybe. Actually, yes, it can be fixed regardless.

I need a little more info, what happens with the empty case? Are you getting stovepipe so the extractors grab it? Or is it stuck in the chamber? Pics of what happens may help.
It's the ejector wire. It needs to be tweeked. Use the nickel high / nickel wide as gauge on the wire. The wire should sit a nickel's thickness above the feed throat and with the lifter pushed down sit a nickel's thickness to the right of the inside of the feedthroat.

To prevent further instances of potentially bending the wire again, always lock the bolt back when reassembling the action into the receiver.

Lastly, pictures of your 99M1 would be nice.

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Mine was pretty rough when I picked it up in an auction for $110, with the rear sight. Don't hate the player, hate the game. I cleaned the stock with Murphy's Oil Soap and applied multiple coats of tung oil. I took the action components and the bolt from a 1983 vintage model 60 and put them in the 99M1 side plates. Shoots great.

If I didn't have the rear sight, I would remove the front sight and pay my local gunsmith to drill and tap a hole and install tech sights.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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