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A .50-Caliber Glock?

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At over $3.00 a round I think I will pass

I'd not mind popping off a few rounds just for the experience but I've got a .41 Mag. revolver and I really don't need anything heavier than that in the handgun line. Actually, my .357 Mag. revolvers are plenty heavy enough for my area.
My .44 mag & 40 S&W are enough for me.
I would be interested IF the .50 Glock was a marketed standardised chambering and made by Winnie, Remmie, CCI, and not just a here today, gone tomorrow little outfit (no offense meant to little outfits!). If the round isnt sold mass-market it is expensive and liable to disappear- not all of us are reloaders nor wish to be especially of primary carry defense rounds. Witness the failure of the .45 Glock Auto Pistol caliber....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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