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a bit different-22WMR Question

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Most questions in an ammo thread usually have to do with reloading or from what I've read or posted myself, Factory centerfire ammo questions for hunting purposes...well I now have a rimfire question and, here again, it's not the normal "what's a good LR round for plinkin' or small game.....

I need to know if anybody else, besides me uses the good ole .22 WMR to take varmints OR better yet, the exact way I use it...during fall turkey season (I hunt PA). We generally will team up during the fall season, one with a shotgun, one with a varmint rifle and go bust up a flock.

Anyway, in years past, many have used .223's OR .222's, which work just fine...but can be too much at times, blowing away good meat. The .22 WMR has proven to be just right...along with the old 22 Hornet...but I don't have one of those...wish I, POINT....

What's your favorite .22WMR round? What have you found to be the most accurate? Most reliable (I still run accross "high end" rimfire ammo that doesn't go "bang" when it's struck)? Just best performance overall?

I've used the Hornady V Max, but I have a question about that too. Why are some red box, red tip and others blue box, blue tip with the exact same data printed on the box, & they are the same weight bullet?

That's about everything.
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Yes, I can use the .22WMR in PA, but good question, since Turkey falls under "Big Game" in PA, but as far as regulations, they do make that one exception for Turkey...Rimfires are allowed....any, they don't even limit case legth like some states to prevent the use of the .22 LR., which is a bit odd, or caliber.... which allows the use of the newer .17 Caliber rimfires.

Side note, you made me think, some state hunting rules are odd...ours...shotgun only for deer...but I can use an M1A or AK-47 for coyote...or PA only allowing flint lock muzzle loaders up until just a few years ago....and NO SEMI-AUTO RIFLES for ANYTHING....we can talk about that elsewhere, you just brought up a GOOD TOPIC...but for now, back on point...

SO....I use a 73 Savage Chuckster for the job. Shoots great. Sub MOA all day WITH THE RIGHT AMMO, problem is the Right ammo is usually the milder stuff ...V Max isn't the most accurate out of it, but it's accurate enough and has the right amount of punch. That's why I'm wondering how effective the bullets themselves are, as I've never taken a bird with them..... and it sounds strange, but anybody else out there who has ever taken a trurkey with a small caliber rifle knows those darn feathers are a lot tougher than a ground hog's fur.


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Thanks, I was thinking about the same...but you have to ask "just in case" there's some wonder ammo I'm missing or V Max had poor penetration I did't know of, etc.

Shot placement & shot placement....with you on that. I've been hunting fall turkey with my dad in the Allegheny Foothills for as long as I can remember...I would never take a shot at a bird unless it was clean...I'd let him/her fly or run away to go on another day before taking a "maybe I got it" shot. Not worth it. Now when I'm feeling real used to do this in his younger days...and's allowed....Ill walk in the woods armed with my 870 and sling the .22 WMR. That way I am prepared for any situation with the big birds.

As I said at the start, the larger center fire .22's with the exception of the Hornet have a tendancy to "blow 'em up"...not good. We've taken them with the 22 WMR, but not for years and new rounds have been developed since we last used it. I actually did a complete reblue on the rifle pictured. Dad left it in a barn for a few years and it was a mess. I put pictures up on another site of it's restoration. It took me a good week or so, but she's a pretty old rifle now. Anyway, I brought her back to life, put a new scope on and she will again see action in the foothills of PA.
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