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a bit different-22WMR Question

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Most questions in an ammo thread usually have to do with reloading or from what I've read or posted myself, Factory centerfire ammo questions for hunting purposes...well I now have a rimfire question and, here again, it's not the normal "what's a good LR round for plinkin' or small game.....

I need to know if anybody else, besides me uses the good ole .22 WMR to take varmints OR better yet, the exact way I use it...during fall turkey season (I hunt PA). We generally will team up during the fall season, one with a shotgun, one with a varmint rifle and go bust up a flock.

Anyway, in years past, many have used .223's OR .222's, which work just fine...but can be too much at times, blowing away good meat. The .22 WMR has proven to be just right...along with the old 22 Hornet...but I don't have one of those...wish I, POINT....

What's your favorite .22WMR round? What have you found to be the most accurate? Most reliable (I still run accross "high end" rimfire ammo that doesn't go "bang" when it's struck)? Just best performance overall?

I've used the Hornady V Max, but I have a question about that too. Why are some red box, red tip and others blue box, blue tip with the exact same data printed on the box, & they are the same weight bullet?

That's about everything.
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I can't help a bit as you have way more experience with this round. But I'll just say I've fallen in love with it, and can't believe I've missed it all these years. I bought a Marlin 925M and put a Simmon's 3X9 rim fire scope on it. Around here it's near impossible to take a shot beyond 100yd, so I have no idea what I've got. But at 100yd it will shoot all the Wal Mart stuff very well. It does seem to do a little better with the 40gr loads, but it's really hard to tell as I'm not a big bench rest shooter. I just love the cartridge and would love to take it east of the Cascades for a little rabbit action..

I might get flack from folks but here goes. I have killed thousands of animals with a 22Mag from Rats to Axis deer and I can tell you despite all the fancy-Nancy and very good 22Mag ammo out there, The Winchester Super-X 40 gr Semi Jacketed Soft Point HP (my own description) is the best 22mag ammo at any price. It behaves like a real bullet because of its design. I've tried every other ammo made and this is the best I've experienced.

If I could only have one combination to kill everything from a rat to a Moose, it would be my Winchester 9422M or Ruger 77/22 SS and this ammo.
I like this cartridge and would like to learn more about it. My 925M seems to prefer 40gr loads, and I've shot the round you recommend. Do you know if the 22m guns simply do better with heavier bullets, or is it just the flexibility that cartridge gives for your needs that causes you to recommend it?
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