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    Here's a couple of photos of two old friends I've had a couple request to share . They've been with me since my early teenage years & served well & still are great in every way . Wow that's many moons ago .

    The Model 55 my I got from my grandfather not long before he passed on . I carried it in the hills here it would really reach out there & knock things out of the trees . The 782 was a Christmas present from my parents at about 14 I suppose . It was more of a target gun to me but our neighbor loved killing his hogs with it when he raised them.

    Sorry some are a bit blurry .






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  2. SWO1

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    Nice weapons....Looks like they have been taken well care of................:)

    I REALLY, REALLY like the 782......:D

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    I have to agree. Thanks for sharing.
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    nice!;) I still have my Stevens Youth model my Dad got my Brother then it was passed down to me. Always nice to see an old veteran so well taken care of.:)
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    Very purdy...nice guns. Thanks for sharing.