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A good wood cuttin day

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One of my bike ridin buddies has a bunch of wind falls at his place.He complained yesterday he doesn`t have a wood splitter. I have a wood splitter so I traded pine and cedar rounds for the use of my a cord of pine and a load of cedar so far. Even here wood is $175-$250 a cord, this is much better on the wallet and a fun day with friends.
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cut & plit 3 cords of pine. I took a cord of pine and a truck load of cedar rounds
What do you use the rounds for? My grandfather cleared his cedar out once and donated the planks to a church that made them into stools for their Vacation Bible school.
starter wood and kindling
Smart. We get enough of that just picking up the property. Of course we have an outdoor fire pit and not a fire place. I would probably be happier with planks it I was burning indoors. Less to carry in.
Put the wood stove in last summer, My first attempt at such a project


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Nice looking set-up. Nothing better than sitting in front of a wood fire on a cold evening.
I'm envious.
Looks good! Is it cutting down on your heating cost?
Our light bill is a third of what it was last year.
My hose up north had a wood burner.Sure do miss it
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