a new sight for ol smokey

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  1. oldbrass

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    [​IMG] RMC "V" peep I put one of these on my muzzle loader and wanted to give my opinion of this hybrid. Its not a buckhorn & its not a peep.
    I couldn`t find a tang sight so I went this route for Ol smokey and am very pleased.
    My shootin eye centers instantly as a peep should, the open top allows for good view of target but the eye stays centered and good sight picture is retained..I give it a thumbs up. This sight is currently only made for muzzleloaders however I wanted to share my opinion of the product..
    It does come complete with mounting base. I also put a hi-viz fiber optic up front, its very good in the dark woods and lo light..

    P.S. WA State does not permit scopes on muzzle loaders.
  2. Hyphenated

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    If that had an elevation adjustment it would interesting on a 336.

  3. FOUR4D4

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    I know how a peep sight lines up .Explain the sight picture for that
  4. hombre243

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    Adjustable Buckhorn Sight

    The sight sure looks like a rustic version of a Buckhorn Sight.

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  5. oldbrass

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    The mount base is fully adjustable
  6. Hyphenated

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    The Marbles Bullseye is pretty cool looking. I had one on a Winnie 94 for a short time. I think you need younger eyes than mine to have it work well.

    The vintage Buckhorn that Hombre posted looks cool too.