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A "Nice-n-Cheap" Sauer Rifle (not !)

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Just what you need, to drop it in the mud

Check out the price of this Baby !

I'll get 1/2 dozen

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That is one awesome looking rifle. I first saw price and thought wow that is expensive till I realized I was missing another "o" in the price. That rifle is for someone with money to throw away and not miss it. I can't imagine someone paying that price. Not anyone I know
Yeah right drop it in the mud. Since when does the town bank vault have mud in it?
If you buy it and shoot it just one time does it depreciate $20,000?
Person that buys that gun will probably buy a trophy wild game head for them to mount it on the wall above the gun. What good is the gun without a trophy mounted above it? Such a shame when a $95,000 gun is used for nothing except a gun cabinet show piece. Like buying a new Corvette and just let it sit in the garage and brag about its 500 hp and handling characteristics.
LOL I would have bigger chance of accidentally killing myself with the Corvette.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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