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A "Nice-n-Cheap" Sauer Rifle (not !)

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Just what you need, to drop it in the mud

Check out the price of this Baby !

I'll get 1/2 dozen

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I got the H & H Magnum.
The Airline tickets, accommodation, and Guide, that may be a different story !
One for you Gumpy

Both rifles are .375 H & H Magnums

Guess which one is mine ! (the Remington 700 SPS) cost Au$780, and the scope Au$500
Just in case you are having trouble telling them apart, it's the hand painted one, with the aid of Krylon Spray cans, and a mighty Ziess Conquest Scope adorns it.

It hits really hard, makes a huge boom, and is very very accurate



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It's my choice of rifle for Sambar Deer.
Trust me they don't get up when hit.
I did post pictures of one I nailed a few weeks back.

I believe the key to that caliber, is the projectile, and my preferred choice for Sambar, was Speer 235gr Hot Cor, but I have loaded up some 270gr Woodleigh PP's for Scrub Bulls, Pigs, and Camels, for that Western Australia hunting trip, that has been postponed, again, and now too hot to hunt, in that part of Oz.

If you have that much money to spend on a rifle, why worry about firing it, scratching it, or dropping it in the mud.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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