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    What i have here are two ak47`s.One is a bulgarian milled receiver gun with a chrome lined bore rifle in 7.62x39.high end and highly desired by an ak47 collector,I have box and papers on it.The other is a norinco mac90 which has the best fit and finish of all ak47`s. As it has a deep blued finish and the receiver is 1.6 mm instead of the 1.0 mm that most have.The gun has a chrome lined bore in 7.62x39.They are two fairly rare ak47`s and the condition is new and never fired.By the way, Many do not like the thumb hole stocks on mac90`s. But if you saw the gun in person the furniture really is a work of art.I also have the box and papers for this gun.I say this as if a person sells a gun, the recipient will pay a bit more for a gun with the original box and paperwork and any accessories that might come with it.I have the chinese green slings on every gun with the leather tabs with buttons.

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    Nice AK's there mopar...thanks for sharing !

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    Too funny!!

    Shooter,I laugh because i know you know a fine firearm when you see one.I swear i post some of my guns just so you can see them, as this is a marlin forum.I posted a dozen different firearms besides marlin.I do have that 1895 guide gun sbl with the 16 1/2 barrel in 45/70 in stainless.My old marlin 30/30 since i was twelve,beat to death,brush burned,barely cleaned,pits,scratches still gets a deer every year.It is at my pops house in upstate new york on our 100 acres of property and trout stream.My pop uses a remington 7600 in semi auto in 30/06 and i had the brother to that the remington 7400 pump rifle in 270.So my pop has a couple of my hunting rifles.Anyone who has not shot a pump rifle with a mag is missing out.With a 130 grain bullet i could not lead a running deer,if i did i always followed though and gave a shot to the neck.But dead is dead.I do not want any animal to suffer.I am a conservationist and harvester of the herd,not a killer or trophy hunter.My pop always told me, you can`t eat the antlers,so we always had a freezer full of meat.Sorry, i get caught up in my stories sometimes.I miss upstate new york and hunting with my pop on our property mostly..
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    Would dearly love a pair like that
    But our stupid gun
    Laws prevent me :(
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    don`t i know it.

    in florida,where i live i have a safe just for ak47`s.i messed up and posted on any other weapon than a firearm.i posted actual ak47 pistols,not some cob job rifle true romanian pistols and a beautiful hard chrome ak47 amongst others.thanks for appreciating my fireams bucky