According to this report - It has started.

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by greyhawk50, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. tahoe2

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    this is a bunch of CRAP!!! :mad:

  2. squirrelhunter

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    Never trust the Government.
  3. lingr

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    This country is becoming just like the countries we fought against in World War II.
  4. Hyphenated

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    The left loves to tax and spend other peoples money and they don't mind trampling your civil rights if you are a conservative. If the citizens of NY don't step up to this abuse right now, then New York State and all the other gun grabbing states, will roll right over us.
  5. oldbrass

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    The result will be nobody going for mental health, which results in more violence, which results in more gun control,which results in nobody going for mental health,which results in more violence,which results in more gun control,which results in no nobody going for mental health,which results in more get the picture !!!
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    I see the picture...clearly!!!
  7. Gumpy

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    Guess I'd better quit takin' Prozac!!! lol
  8. Hyphenated

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    I might have to start!!!
  9. Gumpy

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    Let me tell you, it does not make any of this CRAP from our fearless peters any easier to stomach!
  10. hombre243

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    IF you are a Veteran and have undergone any kind of mental health treatment, ANY kind of mental health treatment or counseling, have your shrink write a letter stating that you exhibit no destructive tendencies. Have them word the letter specifically to say that you are not a threat and that there is no reason you should be exempt from gun ownership. They will do it if you press them. If they will not write the letter then go to another shrink. I know for a fact that getting a letter is doable. It may protect your gun rights. I have petitioned an Administrative Judge in Des Moines, IA and won a decision stating that I have no mental health problem which shall prohibit me from owning a firearm. When I won this decision it was stated that the doctors I saw as well as the Judge and Sheriff of my county all agreed that I was basically good to go. I was then issued my Iowa Carry License without a problem.
  11. Spoon

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    "...that may cause harm to themselves or others". This is a catch-all phrase in the wording to direct medical staffers to report any such person. :mad: Assuming control of and or operating a motorized conveyance of ANY KIND fits this wording. Guess we'd all better resort to just hoofing it? Gonna be rough for farmers! :rolleyes:The idiots are have escape from the asylum and have become the govt.