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Decided to see if I can further improve the shooting qualities of my SBL REP rifle. The rifle is a great shooter and looker as it is. Again, no Marlin expert, but I have owned several through the years. And find similar issues with them all.

The issue I am studying now which I think can affect accuracy, especially as the barrel may heat up is the tension the mag tube can apply to the barrel for those with the barrel retention stud and no bands and for those with bands, a similar issue. The magazine when inserted into the action rests on the stud that is covered by the fore-stock cover (two screws, one per side. I notice in nearly every rifle ZI have owned that this is the case and that I must with some small effort push the magazine tube down on the the forward stud. And that a little tension or force is applied still once installed. About 2/10ths of an inch on this rifle. On my JM 45-70 it was about 3/10ths. On a 336 JM I picked up it is similar fit.

Do other Marlin lever guys work that front stock cap stud down, blue print it so to say, such that the magazine tube applies no downward pressure on the barrel when it is installed fully to the forward retention stud? I can post a photo if want to see what I mean.

Any other tricks, welcome to discuss.

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