Adding scope to 1951 Model 39A

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by rs917, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. rs917

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    I've got a 1951 Model 39A that I'd like to put a scope on. You may have seen the rifle before in another thread.

    I'd like to put a small scope on it but will need to tap the receiver. My two questions are...

    1. What scope would I use? Just looking for something cheap (but reliable, not the junk in plastic at Walmart) but quality.

    2. Would getting the receiver tapped hurt resale value? Are there alternatives?

  2. greyhawk50

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    Can't help with question #2.
    However, I have had good success with BSA scopes. Also have heard good reviews on Center Point Optics. I have a Center Point that has the illuminated reticle, which (in my opinion) adds unwanted weight. Both are priced reasonably and have a 1" tube. Don't know what you mean by "small" but 3/4" scopes leave a lot to be desired.

  3. MattNH

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    A little late for me to reply...

    1. I have pretty good luck with the Simmons 22 Mag scopes. 3-9x and 4x fixed versions in silver and matte black. Available on Amazon.

    2. Unless this particular rifle is absolutely pristine, not a mark on it, has the original box, and would be of interest to a collector who will never shoot it, drilling and tapping will impact resale. However, if it is a shooter and you plan on using it, drill and tap away, the resale value will not be significantly impacted.

    An alternate is a receiver mounted peep sight. You can get various sized apertures for different shooting conditions. A vintage Lyman would be a good choice, but can be pricey. Williams makes current ones of aluminium construction. I have a Williams peep sight on a Glenfied 25.
  4. jkingrph

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    Good luck finding a vintage Lyman 66, in steel. They still make them in aluminum though, I just ordered one for a 1957 vintage Mountie I have coming.
  5. rs917

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    I'm thinking I'll leave the rifle be and get a bolt gun that can be my scoped/suppressed critter rifle.
  6. jbaker30

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    It's already taped for a tang peep sight. I put a marbles tang peep on my 1951 39a and it's deadly out to 100-120yds, and it will add to the value of the rifle (very nostalgic).
  7. Yellowdog762

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    You might want to look at Skinner Sights for your 39A. They are so accurate though, it's a shame NOT to shoot them with a scope, or at least quality sights of some kind.