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This thread is for the discussion of air rifles and handguns...whether they are powered by springs, pistons, pnumatics (gas) or carbon dioxide (CO2).


My favorite squirrel (chipmunk,rabbit,crow,pigeon,dove,etc) rifle...

-Velocity: 1200 fps with PBA, 1000 fps with Lead
-Single Shot
-Break Barrel: Single Cocking System, Spring piston
-Automatic Cocking Safety system
-Manual Trigger safety
-Barrel: Fluted, Polymer Jacketed Rifled Steel
-Non-removable noise dampener (with up to 52% reduction)
-Cocking Effort: 30 lbs
-Trigger: Second Stage adjustable
-Manual Safety

-Stock: Tough All Weather molded Synthetic
-Butt Plate: Ventilated rubber pad for recoil absorption
-Cheekpiece: Thin cheekpad molded on each side
-Checkering: Non-Slip texture design on grip and forearm

-Fiber optic front sight with sight guard
-Fiber optic adjustable rear sight.

-Scope Ramp: Raised Rail
-Scope: 39x40 standard reticle air rifle scope with one piece solid mount

-Weight: 5.28 lbs
-Length: 46.0 inches
-Ammunition: Any .177 Pellet
-Caliber: .177
-Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs
-Cocking effort:30 lbs
-Barrel Length: 18 inches

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Just helped a friend clean out his basement / garage and was gifted the following...a Crosman Mark II


Manufacturer: Crosman
Model: , Model Mark II
Made In: USA
Manufactured Dates: 1966 - 1986

Caliber/Ammunition/Feed: 177, lead pellet or steel BB, single-shot
Air Source: CO2, 12 g Powerlet
Accessories: 5 Crosman Powerlets / BB's / .177 pellets / 2 darts

Weight (lb): 2.8
Length (in): 11.0
Body Material: metal
Finish: black
Grips: plastic
Barrel Length (in): 7.75
Material: steel
Rifled: yes
Trigger Action: SA
Trigger Pull (lbs) 6
Adjustable: yes
Sights (front/rear): fixed, fully adjustable
Velocity (fps): 420 (hi), 320 (lo)
Sound Level (dB):100

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Good idea for a topic, shooter! SH will be chiming in on this before long.
I have never owned or shot an adult air rifle before. My plans are that my next rifle will be one. What, in your opinion, would be the minimum caliber and FPS for small game hunting. Range would have to be cyphered in also.

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This also came with the deal...a vintage Marksman Repeater.


Power Source: Spring Piston
Cocking Action: Slide
Ammo: .177 BBs ( 18 round reservoir ), Pellets, Darts and Bolts
Velocity: 200 fps

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Well Gumpy... minimum caliber for a humane kill to me is .177 pellet...BB's usually don't fly as true or come with so many different shapes and tips to do the job effectively as far as I'm concerned.

Today's velocities for pellet springers ( like the GAMO above ) start @ 1000 fps ( lead ) and increase with speed when employing the alloy pellets. Then you got the .22 and .25 calibers...along with the new gas powered pnumatics...which help increase the possibilities of meat for the stew...or riddance of the increased ranges.

And a good scope ( GAMO above came with a 3-9x40mm ) also increases the chance of a clean kill at distance...

I got the GAMO Whisper brand new about seven years ago...because it has the sound supressor.

Now days...every manufacturer under the sun makes one with some type of sound suppression...and I recommend them for the obvious reason(s).

Walther, Winchester, Stoeger, Benjamin, Crosman, Beeman...the list is endless !

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Do you like the gas or mechanical best? If I remember right, the mechanical is the faster of the two.

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Do you like the gas or mechanical best? If I remember right, the mechanical is the faster of the two.
Believe it or not...mechanical !

Why pay for power when you can go free !?

A box of 25 12gram CO2 cartridges for the Crosman Mark II above cost me $19.99 at Dick's Sporting Goods...$21.29 w/tax.

The break barrel spring action single shot suppressed Whisper with 3-9 scope is all I need to keep my acreage varmint free !

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Heres a picture of one like mine, The neighbors have to do a second look when I have it in the back yard.Mine has an added muzzle break


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I have owned a few over the years. Only one left is a Daisy Powerline that I shoot BBs thru although it will shoot pellets. I use it to chase Starlings & Sparrows out of the car port.

My son has more than a half dozen of various makes, including a Remington. In the winter months when it is cold and nothing else to do, the guys at the Deer Hunters Club set up a Target Trap in the Main Lodge and have a friendly Pellet Gun Competition. My son made the 3'X3' Trap out of a steel electrical enclosure (minus the door) by placing energy absorbing material in the back and a frame on the front to hold the target.

Of all the air rifles that he owns, he claims that his Gamo Recon is the most accurate.

I owned that rifle at one time but it wasn't all that accurate for me. He talked me out of it, took it home and cleaned the lead out of the barrel. Now it is a tack driver.
Case in point; I never considered cleaning a pellet rifle because it doesn't have a primer or powder. WRONG, If you shoot lead pellets, the barrel does get dirty and that effects the accuracy. Live and learn.

Another consideration is the optics. The recoil of a pellet rifle is different than that of a rim fire & a center fire. I have heard that if you use a general purpose scope on an air rifle, don't be surprised if, some day, your cross hairs disappear. I can't confirm that either way.
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