Always buy after the gun craze

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  1. oldbrass

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    Cabelas is selling bushmasters for $575. The local shop has Windham arms for around $650..Armslist is flooded with them between $1000 and $2500 because of "custom upper" or other BS (haha) This is what happens when you buy during a gun ban craze. You think its an investment then its worth less than half what you paid..I saw this happen during the Clinton years to...You younger fellers and gals don`t get caught up in these scare tactics. The gun companies love Liberals, they sell lots of guns at crazy prices. Since they ramped up production the markets flooded...SO always buy after a craze, Kinda like buying wrapping paper the day after Christmas..Speakin of which I might just have to stroll over to Cabelas..
  2. Gumpy

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    What aisle is wrapping paper in at Cabelas? I looked online and couldn't find it! LOL
    You're right about thy whole situation though. It took three months to get a box of 8mm Mauser! Thats thee part that aggravated me.
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  3. SWO1

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    All the Wal-Marts around these parts have the ARs for well under $800. Local LGSs also way under $1000. .223 ammo in 1000 rd cases everywhere at about $400. My LGS has a stack of 30 & 20 round AR mags (metal) for $18 ..... no limit.
  4. 28Shooter

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    .22 Long Rifle is still in very short supply here in Maryland and we're not even allowed to buy or sell magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Also, non-HBAR ARs are prohibited from sale here. Like I said before, remember our anti-gun governor's name - Martin O'Malley - he has ambitions to be a Democrat nominee for President!
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    Ammo of all caliber except shotgun shells and 7mm are off the shelves. All these liberals threatening to take executive action to disarm Americans are not helping. The DoD has bought more ammo ( causing more of an ammo shortage) than what the military has used in the Iraq and Afghan war. Why would they need all that ammo?? Marshall Law
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    Some lessons are learned the hard way. That was the case with me many years ago when I bought things that I thought I needed regardless of the price.

    Maybe I'm weird but an AR has never been on my wish list. All of my firearms are the type used for hunting, shooting sports and HD. IF, we ever start playing Cowboys & Terrorist, my hunting rifle would work nicely to procure a military rifle along with the preferred ammo of the given situation.

    I've bought, sold and traded for 45 years. After loosing money that I didn't have at the time, I adopted a new strategy;
    1. Is the price right and can I break even or make a profit when I sell it???
    2. Do I have a need or will it have a useful purpose???
    3. What is the cost as far as feeding the beast???
    4. Is it just a "want"? Refer to item 1-3.

    Just my $.02
  7. Gumpy

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    Very good strategy!
  8. Shooter

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    I don't buy anything when it's at it's highest. I see through the hype, and know if they are really outlawing a gun, the price is better paid on the black market than to price gougers creating a crisis.