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Am I the oldest one here?

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This is about the rifle, not me.

Chas OsBorne; This rifle uses a percussion cap, actually what they call a Winged Musket Cap. Everyone needs at least 1 conversation piece. This is mine.
To the best of my knowledge, it is all original. I have not had it appraised. It is a huge rifle. The OAL is about 62". It is a 1" smooth bore with a fairly thin wall barrel. Weighs about 11#. The individual that I got it from said that there was a mono pod with it at one time but he didn't know what happened to it


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Here are a couple more photos. The end of the barrel will almost swallow a quarter. I can stick my thumb it it without any problem.


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For those that like to search the web for information;

As near as I can determine, Chas OsBorne was a highly respected British Gunmaker. This piece would have been made after the percussion cap was invented in 1830 and before cartridge cases were introduced around 1880.
Firearms like this one were commonly referred to as Fowling Pieces. Yes, long barreled smooth bore guns used for hunting water fowl. In today's terms, a shotgun.
It's a long story but an elderly friend of my sister in Florida gave it to me. He claimed that his only living relatives were a sister and her daughter. He said that neither would have any appreciation for the piece so he gave it to me. He died just a few years later. Not sure what I'll do with it, maybe leave it to my daughter or oldest granddaughter?
For now, it's hanging on my dining room wall as a conversation piece. Neither myself nor anyone that I know has ever seen anything like it nor have they ever heard of Chas OsBorne.
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The long story made short. His name was Hershel.
Hershel was an elderly widower and lived alone in the same neighborhood as my sister. She, at the time, was a struggling single mom. They had an agreement that my sis would clean his house and fix his breakfast and supper. In exchange, her and her son would join him for those meals and Hershel would see her son off to school and greet him when he got out.
My wife and I were visiting for Christmas. As we were making plans, I convinced the family to let Hershel join us for the day. Although my dad wasn't very fond of him, everyone agreed. So, I ask him. After he accepted, I went out and bought a gift for him to open. It was one of the best holidays that he had seen in a long time. That lead to him gifting me with the long gun.
I'm just a whipper snapper compared to you, er,,,uh ,,,that rifle,,,er uh fowling piece.. Nice gun by the way.

You guys are too kind. ;)
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