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Am I the oldest one here?

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This is about the rifle, not me.

Chas OsBorne; This rifle uses a percussion cap, actually what they call a Winged Musket Cap. Everyone needs at least 1 conversation piece. This is mine.
To the best of my knowledge, it is all original. I have not had it appraised. It is a huge rifle. The OAL is about 62". It is a 1" smooth bore with a fairly thin wall barrel. Weighs about 11#. The individual that I got it from said that there was a mono pod with it at one time but he didn't know what happened to it


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Very nice Greyhawk. That shotgun has got me beat...older than me and my oldest rifle.
Thanks for sharing the story Greyhawk. You are a real gentlemen.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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