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Amateur Gunsmith

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Hey guys. I am an amateur gunsmith (more like a gun mechanic) and have done a few restorations in the past.

I did some work on my three Marlins

A model 60 that I got for cheap at a gun show

A model 81 DL .22

A model 1895 Guide Gun in 45-70

One of my next projects is a model 1893 that needs a complete restoration
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I have tryed something like that myself, but the results were far from yours.
I enjoy doing restorations and repairs also, but don't do any hot bluing. I rust blue, and send out casehardening work to a gunsmith I am extremely happy with. His prices for casehardening on prepped parts are very reasonable!
Buying project guns makes my gun budget go farther too, and since I enjoy the work, that's a bonus! My last restoration was a Marlin Ballard Schuetzen rifle that some idiot hot blued, and over buffed. Had to take it all down to bare metal, and draw file the barrel to get the octagon flats sharp again. Also had numerous extra holes and dovetails I filled prior to restoring the rust bluing. It was a fun project, and much improved for very little expense.

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Hey Tin Can,

Wow! You do some nice "saving"! (of fine old firearms)

Later, Mark
Beautiful work, Mon!
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