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  1. SHOOTER13

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    I own two American Security BF ( Burglary/Fire ) 6030 series safes...


    Outside Dimension 59.25" x 30" x 26"
    Weight 1,005 lbs
    Warranty Lifetime
    U.L. Burglary Rating RSC
    Meets DOJ Standards Yes
    Interior Capacity 11-14-25+2
    Door Thickness 4.75"
    Body Thickness 2"
    Fire Rating Mercury Class III (90min @1275F)

    • ½" steel plate door combined with 1" DryLight insulation.
    • 2" total wall thickness on all sides featuring our poured DryLight insulation and two layers of steel for exceptional fire and security protection.
    • U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification.
    • 11 massive 1½" chrome-plated bolts. Bolt detent system holds bolts in open position.
    • Mercury Class III fire protection of 1275°F for 90 minutes. Designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°F.
    • Commercial grade, adjustable ball bearing hinges.
    • 2 Stage Dual fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb and expandable Palusol™ seal on door.
    • U.L. Listed Group II Lock with massive hard plate and two relocking devices.
    • Spy-proof, key-locking dial with decorative five-spoke handle and a convenient pull handle in brass, chrome or black nickel.
    • Unique mirrored back wall for added interior visibility.
    • Bold zinc die-cast polished logos in brass, chrome or black nickel.
    • Premium Door Organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items. All PDO’s include:
      • Various see-through pouches and zippered pockets to store valuables.
      • Two rows of holders for storage of choke tubes, small flashlights and ammo.
      • Two full-width pistol storage systems to accommodate multiple handguns. Comes with four holsters. Additional holsters can be purchased separately.
      • A long gun storage system that accommodates two guns. Includes the AMSEC exclusive “no hassle” quick release band.
      • Models PDO7250 and PDO7240 offer a zippered pocket large enough to store letter size folders.
    • 4 pre-cut anchor holes and 1 pre-cut electrical access hole.
    • E-Z Slant-Out Interior for easy access to your long guns. Interior features rich pin-dot fabric and adjustable interior shelving.
  2. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Lifetime Supporting

    Anyone else own a floor safe...!?

  3. FOUR4D4

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  4. SHOOTER13

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    That's a nice one FOUR...but let me add the caveat...

    "Always get bigger than you think you will need"...

    I got two...and will need a third soon !
  5. greyhawk50

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    I have a Sentry 10 gun safe.
    It's large enough to hold everything that meets my purposes for sports shooting or hunting.
    As I got older, I went through a phase where I only kept guns that met a specific purpose or were near to my heart. (like my 336T)
    My son got first dibs on my collection. Then my son-in-law got my extra Stack-On Cabinet and a hand full of guns. My daughter got a couple family keepsakes and my oldest granddaughter was gifted with G'pa's favorite NIB Stainless 10/22 with a salt & pepper laminate stock. The remainder were sold and the extra money went for ammo.
    I understand the love for firearms but when you head to the field for a day of hunting or if the SHTF, how many guns can you carry? On the other hand, more ammo is a good thing. (just my personal perspective - and you are entitled to yours)
    Besides, "beware of the man that shoots only one gun", There is a good chance that he shoots it well.
    Guns are fun to have and fun to collect. And throughout my lifetime, they have been a good investment. If that is the road that you chose to travel, more power to you. ;)
  6. FOUR4D4

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    I wish i could afford a safe :eek:
  7. duster066

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    Agreed. The same rule applies to tool boxes, and sometimes the biggest one available isn't big enough. I simply can't justify a real safe like the ones SHOOTER has. For about the cost of the cheap models I can armor the closet.
  8. SHOOTER13

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    I hear ya what I did was to install the two safes in the basement...

    put up a brick wall, and a steel door and frame and made a room out of the space

    where I now store my ammo as well...basically a "safe room". I also built a work bench

    and installed shelves. If I ever get into reloading...this area will be self contained within.
  9. oldbrass

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    I have a cheapy gunsafe, I need to upgrade. thats a really nice safe you got there
  10. elle-wis

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    Yeah great to see your gun safes as very important to own if owing the gun. Now Safes in NYC is also highly recommended for getting best hi-tech safes. They are also leading service provider from many years. Thanks!!
  11. Popeye1959

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    I looked at some of those Stack on gun lockers at Gander Mountain and knew they weren't for me. Then I saw on Walmart's website a Stack On fire safe. I did the store locator thing and found that the local store had one in stock so I went to look at it. Seemed pretty decent for the money but something seemed weird so I went back home. The on line price was $100 cheaper AND they offered free delivery to my house. Yeah, so I had it delivered and now realize... I should have bought two. This one is full up.
  12. Spoon

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    We all need to win the Lottery and build something like Mr. Heston, had rest his soul. My goodness, bigger than a bank vault with all the features and stocked with treasures!