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    Hi All and a happy new year.

    I've been having some accuracy problems with my 1894 shooting .38 special. Been using PRVI, S&B and Fiocchi. Not sure if this photo will work but wondered if the great minds out there would have an opinion.


    The left is PRVI and shows some gas scorching on the case. 64% of my cases from this ammo show this. The middle is S&B and right is Fiocchi. Only 15% of these cases show the scorching.

    My question is does this indicate that the PRVI brass is "hard" and not expanding? If so, will it be softer and seal better if I reload it?


    Also, would this tend to cause accuracy issues?

    Any thoughts gratefully received. This is the only ammo I can get in this part of England so will be reloading very soon but don't want to waste my time if yhe brass will never suit my rifle.

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    A quick check of about 5-600 pieces of .38/.357 and .40 brass of mine show the same discoloration. All of mine were shot thru pistols. Pistol powders burn faster (hotter) than rifle powders. My .223, .308 brass from the rifles show no discoloration. I don't think there is any problem with the ammo. As for the accuracy...I have shot Remington Target, Winchester White Box, and Federal in .38. None came close to the accuracy I got from Remington UMC +P. This was in two different guns, a 2" Taurus snubby and a S&W 5". I also had to go thru 3 different loads and 2 brands for the .40 to get satusfactory accuracy. If you are going to reload your delima of finding a suitable load will be solved. Use the brass and HAPPY RELOADING......:)

    From what I could find PRVI, S&B are fine rounds. The reloading forums I checked have nothing but good things to say about the brass from both. I didnt check on Fiocchi. I use their shot shells for Turkey. They have a U.S. plant just 50 miles from me here in Missouri. I know they provide a lot of speciality ammo for law enforcement.

    An additional thought......Sierra has a seperate loading section in their manual on .38/.357 data for rifles. This may serve you better in your rifle than pistol data.
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  3. m16triumph

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    Many thanks for the info.

    I've just ordered my reloading kit so will hopefully be getting set up soon and then start experimenting with loads. I'll run a series with the different brass and let you know how I get on.

    Thanks for the tip on sierra - I'll check that out.

    Fundamentally I couldn't figure that there would be a problem with the PRVI brass, it just seems odd that my little rifle don't like it! I guess it could be a powder issue but then my experiments once I get going will point me towards a pet load that suits me and my gun.

    Thanks again.
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    m16triumph...I will keep tabs on your progress. Intrested on how it goes, as I'm sure others will be.

    What reloading equipment are you going to use ? Just interested in whats avaliable across the pond. Seems your factory ammo selection is kind of limited, although it is good quality.
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    I'm going for a Lee 50th anniversary kit. Been advised by the good folks in my local gun shop that its a safe bet for a reloading newbie.
    Will be setting up bench etc in the guest bedroom over next couple of weeks, cleaning brass, buying powder and bullets then away I go!
    Any good recipes you might have for .38 special gratefully received!
    Although factory ammo is sparse in terms of choice, reloading components and powders are readily available over here.
    Thanks for advice and have a safe new year (fiscal cliff allowing)!
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    Thanks for the New Year wishes.

    I have had an occasional problem with smoked brass in some of my lever guns that shoot pistol cartridges. Lots of things can contribute to that problem. It is usually the lighter reloads and I chaulk it up to not enough case expansion. Yes some brass is worse than others. I don't worry about it too much. If the loads are accurate and the velocity is what I was expecting I shoot them and throw the empties in my tumbler. It is more a cosmetic thing and you shouldn't lose any sleep over it. Shoot that rifle and have fun.
    Happy New Year
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    Thanks Hyphenated. Think youre right, having fun is what it is all about. My PRVI brass problems started with a high degree of innaccuracy though so was looking for a reason for that more than anything.
    Think its a harder brass and/or a light load really.
    The more shooting I do, the more there seems to be to learn. Guess thats why I like it so much!