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Ammo Price$

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I have heard that ammo prices are going up.Say it aint so,I dont doubt it if they already raised the prices.:mad:
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Went to a PA gun show the Saturday before Veterans Day (2012)...

line to get in was about 30 people long....

I found ammo in good supply and priced not too much more than the last gun show

in September. Purchased two cases of 1000 rounds each of WOLF 5.56 & 7.62...$230 / $200 tax included.
Dicks Sporting Goods has Remington ammo buy one get one half off. Got some boxes of 30-30. My first time in there too.

A veritable borgasmoard of highly delectable rifle fodder.
I just wish i had that many different calibers
I would go crazy tryin to zero all those ! LOL :eek:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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