Ammunition depot. Com (Disappointed)

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by jrelentless, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Recently took someone's advice on this site about ammunition depot site. Well I had recently
    Purchased from them several various brands of ammo n strongly suggest not to purchase from them. Although the pricingtyte was good, the quality is lacking. Also no thanks to the persons on site for referral.
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    I really don't can you fault the site for the quality of the ammo !?

    You mention several "brands"...was it factory loaded ammo ( Remington / Winchester )

    or reloaded ammo manufactured by Ammunition Depot. Please be clear as to who here refered you.

  3. jrelentless

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    I'm not quite sure on refer all at this point in time, since I have not been on this forum for a bit but clearly remember and still have paperwork somewhere that I purchase adequate stock got the 9mm .38 .cal. .45 cal n maybe 1 or 2 others but rest Ssured ammo wa new in box. And was very dirty. Enough to notice metal and other markings on boxes just never bother contacting them since price factor justified condition to an extent. No pun intended to offend anyone cause I myself bought on reference from others online. Mind you that 2 years or so have lapsed since purchase. Product quality easily could have changed or maybe an isolated incident. I myself today wouldn't hesitate purchasing there ammo at a fair price. Thank you and no offense inted to anyone.
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