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Ammunition shortage easing? I dont see it

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Gun enthusiasts, police agencies find ammunition shortage easing

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In at the local Wal-Mart at 1000 this morning. Long after the 0700 run of ammo buyers had left. Rick, the sporting goods Mgr. said they actually had CCI Mini-mags and 38/357.. of course that was all gone. But the shelves were still full of 9mm, Tula in Brass cases, 50/100 rd boxes--still lots of em. Quite a lot of PD rounds in .45, .40 also. The 250 rd packs sold out. Also rows of .45 and .40, Tula, Win, and Rem. Also 100 rd boxes of Tula .223 in Brass for $19, stacked 10 wide/high and all the way to the back of the case.

Rick said the early crowd this morning didn't contain the usual resellers and was really small, only about 10 or so.

I'll credit Wall-mart for keeping ammo and gun prices steady throughout and limiting quanities to 3 boxes a day per customer.

I know the Asst. Store Mgr. and the Sporting Goods Mgr. personaly, and my nephew is the warehouse mgr. at night. My nephew and Rick the SG mgr are avid shooters and hunters and guns and ammo are inventoried and locked up and put out by a MGR and made availiable to "CUSTOMERS FIRST". Employees are not given priority...At this store anyway. My nephew or Rick have not gotten a "single round of .22" since this mess started.
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Our LGS seems to be getting more stuff and holding on to it longer but I don't see any difference at Walmart.I also had some luck finding some .223 Hornady bullets for reloading a month or so ago.
Just my own theory....Wal-Mart probley sells more and at the lowest price than ANYBODY !!! So yes it's gonna be more scarce overall there. The way they are distributing it also adds to the lopsided availability at different locations.

No matter the size, or volume of sales of a store they all get their ration of ammo. May be a reason my little store in Out-back Missouri has as much if not more than a bunch of Mega stores in a large metro area. Take KC or St. Louis for instance with probley over say 20 Super stores and in excess of 1 million shoppers every day compared to this little store with a population of less than 3,000, and that's in the same sized area. We are getting the same shipment of ammo. My numbers may be off but I don't think by much. Also about 3 LGSs in a 200 sq mile area for those 3000 customers.
Going to Walmart now and asking about some of the firearms, then the ammunition if they don't have the ammo they lost a sale:p
If anybody wants some Match .22 Midway has ELEY in bricks from $68 - $210......:D 1 brick limit. But get some of your friends and ORDER A BUNCH....:p The $68 stuff is the bottom of the line but still shoots pretty darn good. No shortage on this ammo !!!
JUST FYI - I ain't recommending any particular brand or source...but the supply lines are slowing catching up with a somewhat decreased demand it seems.

Cheaper than Dirt has a big lot of Euro Steel cased for .223 & 7.62 shorties at decent prices...considering ($159/500 7.62X39) .223 a bit higher in TULA brand. Range fodder, not serious purposes. They've got pistol rounds too but gosh Almighty...way beyond my paltry budget.

Wideners currently has Gold Dot 185 gr ($26.70/100) 45ACP and 300 gr ($19/50) Gold Dot in stock for 45LC, etc; 38 Spec HB Wad Cutter Cast at $41.30/500; & 147 gr lead core M80 Mil Ball $228 shipping included on a 1000 ct pkg.

As for pistol factory loads...some is starting to show up, but it's at platinum prices...thank goodness for reloading supplies! I did notice that scattergun shells are also available in quantities and the prices, although double what we formerly gave for them are available in more and more places.

When 22LRs ever catch up...that'll be something if they're $30 or less a brick! I ain't holding my breath on that one for sure.
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