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JUST FYI - I ain't recommending any particular brand or source...but the supply lines are slowing catching up with a somewhat decreased demand it seems.

Cheaper than Dirt has a big lot of Euro Steel cased for .223 & 7.62 shorties at decent prices...considering ($159/500 7.62X39) .223 a bit higher in TULA brand. Range fodder, not serious purposes. They've got pistol rounds too but gosh Almighty...way beyond my paltry budget.

Wideners currently has Gold Dot 185 gr ($26.70/100) 45ACP and 300 gr ($19/50) Gold Dot in stock for 45LC, etc; 38 Spec HB Wad Cutter Cast at $41.30/500; & 147 gr lead core M80 Mil Ball $228 shipping included on a 1000 ct pkg.

As for pistol factory loads...some is starting to show up, but it's at platinum prices...thank goodness for reloading supplies! I did notice that scattergun shells are also available in quantities and the prices, although double what we formerly gave for them are available in more and more places.

When 22LRs ever catch up...that'll be something if they're $30 or less a brick! I ain't holding my breath on that one for sure.
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