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Neighbor who runs his horses across the road came over yesterday afternoon. Wanted to check his deer rifle and make sure it was still on for deer season. He hunts back amoung the rows of hay bails where his five quarter horses run. Its his horses, so No problems with me !!

He usually shoots a Model 70 Win. in 30-06 but his scope went south a few years back and he has been using his wifes Rem. Model 721 in 30-06. He bought both of em in the 50s when they lived in Colo. They have taken a lot of Elk and Deer.

It still has the Origional Weaver K4 scope. A Plain stock, Years of dents, and finish is worn but the action is SMOOTH AS SILK. It printed .5" in two shots and he called it GOOD for another year. I shot it twice ..... Very little recoil, as compared to a lot of 30-06s. I could work the action with one finger. Trigger pull was around 4 lbs, Sharp and Crisp.

The 721 was the economy model Rem. But amazing how they compare to the $500-800 guns of today.
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