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Another guy looking for budget rifle advice

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Have to admit, I only ever think of the little 795 .22 when I think of Marlins. In fact, I got my son one for Christmas this year and got some good advice here about it.

Now I'm looking for a bargain .270 to put some meat on the table. Had about sold myself on a Savage 111 Trophy Hunter when I read a couple of articles on the XL7. Now I'm wondering again.

If I ask which is better, I know what answers I'll get . . . all three are the best depending on who's answering.

With that in mind, I'll ask a little different. What are the differences in these two and the advantage/disadvantage of the differences.

From what I see:
XL7 is all over it in cost. Looks like I can buy one and put a "good" scope on it for the cost of the Savage gun only.

Savage has been around longer and seems to have many more parts available for mods(not really interested in mods at this point except possibly the stock).

I've heard lots of people talk negatively about the non-Accustock stocks on Savages. Is the standard stock on the Marlin better than Savage standard stocks?

My use for this rifle will be mostly wooded white-tail hunting. 150 yard or less 90% of the time, but would like to reach out to 300 if I get the chance to hunt more open terrain occasionally. Also some hog hunting in similar terrain, but shorter shots.
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Jack O

I didn't mean the caliber...I meant the SAVAGE rifle! Sorry Gumpy! The Savage did foster the XL to life, so what the heck!

A 270 with reduced loads should work. Limit shots to 100 yds, no further than 150 yds. I grabbed a box of '06 reduced a few years back for an "emergency hunt". They must have the trajector of artillery! There wasn't any recoil and it didn't cycle the action on a semi-auto. It did put a yearling out of her misery that had been shot a few days before, was weakened and too pooped to climb out of a shallow, dry creek bed. I cut my teeth on a 12 ga and a 30-06 from age 8. There ain't no recoil when it comes to taking game or fowl :D Targets R a whole nutter ballgame :eek:

I can show you mounts or photos of several Elk, lots of Pronghorn, untold Mulies, Whitetails, an Oryx and even an Ibex that a life-long friend has been collecting with an old Remy bolt over the past 45 years now. "Jack" backed them to the hilt, too, as I recall reading dozens and dozens of times!

Yep, buy one "just like deer old dad"! He'll cherish it...always!
Wouldn't be talkin about Jack O'Connor would you? If not, FYI, he LOVED the .270. I had his book at one time but time takes it's toll. Anyway, if anyone wants to read one man's opinion, and if the book is available, his book on the .270 is tops.

Here is a Wiki:

And a search page
@ hombre...X-actly...Mr. O'Connor for sure. He killed game the world over with a .270. :D
The Hunting Rifle by Jack O'Connor

@ hombre...X-actly...Mr. O'Connor for sure. He killed game the world over with a .270. :D
I had the hardcover edition and it was my guide for deciding what rifle to take for elk when I hunted Montana with my dad in 90. I may try to glom on to another but prices are rather steep.
I just got a xl7 in a 270win I like it so far
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