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    My Brother-in-Laws Cousin Billy brought over the pistol he thought was a 7 shot H&R. It turned out to be a Model 622 6", 6 shot chambered in .22LR. Serial# has it at 1972. It has a parkerized frame, blued barrel and plastic grips (origional H&R). Overall the gun is in excellent shape. The cylender is the worst for wear, but not bad. Grips that once were white are now kind of yellow with the left being more off color than the right one. The action is tight, bore is bright. No rust, not even under the grips, and no crud buildup. Trigger pull is a little heavy but OK. Just a little bluing rub on the front of the muzzle and cylender (easy fix). I havnt shot it yet(he said he never had) and wont today as its only 26 or so...LOL. But I expect it will perform adaquatly as all H&Rs I have shot have. The Model 622 was the lowest, price wise, produced by H&R. The cylender release rod has no release as my model 922 does, just friction holds it in, and its a 51 year. Its a little larger framed pistol than my 922 4" camper model but will surfice for plinking, teaching, and carrying fishing and hunting. I gave $70 for it.

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    I do believe you got a good deal. Just for fun I've been checking out used pistols on line and all the INTERNET places I found is mostly sold out or outrageous.

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    Good deal, that`ll be a fun plinker
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    Yea...clean it up and have a ball with it....
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    Very nice find.
    I seen one with a 4" barrel at the gun show this month. Don't remember what they wanted for it but I'm sure it was more than double what you payed. I was tempted, but..........................
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    At about 1030 it was just above 30deg. so I took the H&R 622 out to the range. Used 4 different bullets. CCI longs, 40gr round nose, Federal Lighting LR, 40 round nose, CCI MiniMags, 36gr HP, and Eley LR, Subsonic target. All targets were shot at 10 yds, two handed grip.

    I warmed up with the CCI longs, someting didnt like them, Me, the gun, probley both. I put about 6 cylenders thru with them and UNSPACTULAR results. But then again I'm not a spectacular pistol shot.....:p

    Below three targets are the other three brands.

    Left target is the Federal Lightning, they are old.....Got them from my father-in-law. Price tag on them is $1.24 at Walley World. Only did 12 rounds.

    Center target is Eley Subsonic Target...better but at $5.50 a box I dont know. 18 rounds

    Right target is CCI MiniMag.....I think the best of the bunch, at least out of this gun. Although a little low with the same point of aim as the Eley, better group. Pay no attention to the High first shot.....:eek: 18 rounds.

    My aim is to get under a 6" group at 15 yards. Dont think my present pistols will do it, hense the Smith Model 22A-1 on order. We will see....:rolleyes:

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    I like it.
    A target pistol it is not. Looks like you done your part.
    Thanks for the report.