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Joined a few days ago but haven't yelled at anyone from
across the holler. Lots of hills and hollows in Kentucky
but a lot of flat ground too. Sort of rolling country around
here where I am in the Elizabethtown area, makes for some
good safe shooting places.
I have several guns but just recently bought my second Marlin.
An 1894s in 357M/38S. Later model but jm stamped. My other
Marlin is a Model 782 bolt action 22 Magnum.
I'm semi retired, paperhanger/painter and got into sawmilling
a few years ago. Have a Woodmizer bandmill and lots of trees
on my own property to cut.
I came to draft age between the Korean and Vietnam wars
so spent a couple years in the army, mostly in Germany, so
did a lot of shooting there and learned to love the high power
calibers. First larger caliber I bought after getting out was a
243 Remington Model 700.
Anyway, Hello: I'll post some pictures later.

Charles in KY

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Welcome aboard from MO. Nice bunch of guys here. Jump right in and enjoy.
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