Another look at my tactical light

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  1. Bucky

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    I have transferred the contents of Olight M3X Triton Hunter's kit, to an aluminium box, with heaps of room.
    Reshaped the foam inners, and put in my 16850 spare batterys, and a charger.
    ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1401577809.249675.jpg
    Note I also purchased 2 extra scope clips, from EBay (love that site).
    The extra clips keep the M3X on an even plane, and the thin foam tape on the Leopold scope lock it in.
    ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1401577881.842957.jpg
    Now that's a god setup

    Sorry about the upside down foto, but I am in Australia

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  2. Gumpy

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    Now that's funny! That is a good lookin' setup. I haven't seen one done like that.