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It was a nice day so decieded on a road trip.

Sierra Bullets: No pistol bullets (for me) NOTHING in .38 or .45. Seemed like a lot of construction work going on ??

Starline Brass: Same as next door. No .38 or .45acp. Most cars/trucks in the parking lot I've ever seen. Guess they are busy cranking them out.

The thrift store down town: Again, HIT THE LOTTERY. Got 3 green boxes of Sierra Tournament Master 230 gr. .451 bullets. 3 is all they had, but all I have seen anywhere in 3 months. No 200 gr this time or any other wt. or any other brand. Also only Hunting/SD bullets in .357. The #1s where $30 for 100. Seconds are around $17 at Sierra (if they got em)

Picked up 2 100 bags of Starline .45acp brass (again all they had) Good price @$20 ea. That's about $3 more than bulk rate at Starline.

Also had .22 lr. Federal Auto Match @ $24 for 325 pk. 5 bucks higher than wally world with a one box limit. I got ONE....:p Don't need it that bad...but thought why not.

Checked about 5 different places for a Barrel bushing wrench for the 1911. Nobody had one. On the way back stopped at my LGS. He had taken in a Taurus 1911 in its box. There was one in it. He said I could have that one today, and he would order one and replace it. I took him up on it......:)

It was a nice morning, and I got everything I went for, plus the .22 bonus...tho not in the quanities I had hoped for. But better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.....;)
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