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Another Sambar

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A quick trip into the High Country, and I got this fellar !

Seen 4 Stags, got this one


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Nice one Bucky! Congratulations! How much did he weigh?

Sorry Mate for not getting back to you earlier, but been busier than a dog with 2 dicks

200+Kgs or 450+lbs

Not little ! But went 1/2's in it with Mate
All up we got
200 Sausages
250 Pies
heaps of Steaks, Roasts, Schnitzels,and Jerkey

Have to finish off Last years one first, before I start on most of this one.
But I have been guilty of eating the Jerkey, 1 Pack of snags, and 10 pies

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Wow, that's huge! Sambar are way bigger than the whitetail we have around here. Congratulations again.
Its a really nice sized one, but the Full Blown Stags are really big.

Check out Erol Mason's site
He does guided hunts, and writes about these animals.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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