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The problem with getting into handloading .223 now is everyone else has much the same idea. Components are going to be harder to find as a result. The industry has already stated that primers and brass are going into loaded ammunition first. This means there will be much fewer avaliable for reloading.

With more reloading there will be fewer bullets avaliable, as well as powder. Factory produced ammunition does not contain the same powders as reloaders use. They use special "canister grade" powders that are not avaliable to handloaders. But even so with more getting into reloading because of the ammo shortage, many stores are picked clean of most reloading powders. Especially those used for reloading .223 and .308.

Most of the sources I use for brass are completely sold out, and those who have any avaliable want an arm and a leg for it. The Cabela's by me is sold out of most all reloading components, and what they have left is overpriced as a result of the buying insanity the market has seen in the last month or so.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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