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Any High School Football Fans !!!

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High School Football is about the only sport I follow. Even tho I relocated to Missouri in 2003 from North Carolina I still follow the High School Team there on the Internet. Playoffs are starting this Friday Night and my team is #1 seed in their Brackett and ranked #4 in the State. 5 State Championship appearences in the last 13 years with 3 titles. In 03 and 04 I made the trip back to watch them in the Eastern Divison finals and Championship Games.....All Wins. They lost the Championship game in 09.

My screen name is from the High School Football Forum in North Carolina....

S outh W est O nslow ....... The Stallions......

Friday nights is about the only time I stay up past 2100........But I am up by 4 most every morning..........:D

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