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This is my understanding;
The CCI Stinger falls in the Hyper Velocity Category. Most Firearm Manufactures recommend Standard or High Velocity Ammo (1100 - 1200 fps range) for their 22 semi-auto weapons. Hyper Velocity Ammo like the Stinger (1640 fps) are not recommended for use in semi-autos. They claim that repeated use in a Semi-Auto can/will damage the Bolt Recoil Buffer and cause extra wear to other components.

There should not be any issues when used in a Bolt or Lever Action rifle.
I have used Stingers and like them. You may have to adjust your optics because the point of impact may change. There should not be any noticeable difference with iron sights.

Here are some comparison targets from a few years back. Both rifles were iron sights only.
One was a Mossberg 44US and the other was a Marlin Mod. 60. All 25 yard shots using a bench w/ sand bag.


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