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Anybody tried Duracoat as a firearm finish?

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Demo video "looks" good but does anybody have first hand knowledge? (And Matt, I'm still going to post a pic of my 99 but I am giving her a facelift first.):eek:
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I am soon going to use DuraBlue to refinish my Taurus 92. I hope it looks like a deep blued finish. I will post pics when I get it done.
Here are before and after pics using Durablu. They came out better than I expected. I did my Model 60 and Taurus PT 92 and the one can of Durablu was just enough.


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I haven't had any trouble with it chipping or wearing off. It seems to be quite a tough finish.

You do not want to get it where metal slides on metal. Like on the slide and frame meeting surfaces. The slide action can be hampered.

Personally I think it is better suited to refinish a long gun barrel and receiver. I do like the improvement in looks especially on the Marlin. I do feel it will be an excellent rust preventive.
Update. It has been near a year since refinishing with DuraBlu and I have had no peeling, chipping, wearing, pitting or rusting.

The actions work as they should and no sticky movements.
For $50 I think it is a good inexpensive refinish that looks very good IMO. DuraBlu is made by Duracoat.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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