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Anyone looking for primers?

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Why is scalping theatre tickets illegal and not this?

Looks like a good time to file a complaint with IC3...
I'm good on primers ;).
$90 per 1000. Too rich for my blood.
No thanks. I'm good.
I think I paid around $4 for 100 about a year ago :eek:
From the $$ on that site for Primers, powder, bullets....Just as cheap to shoot factory. At least in .38, .357 and .40. I have plenty of all the componets PLUS about 800 factory loads for my guns.

I had 200 Large Pistol Primers I got in a box at yard sale. I dont use them, so I sold them to a guy at the LGS looking for $6. I figure what goes around comes around...And so far it has....:)

I still have 700 large rifle Magnum primers I got in the same yard sale box. Those I can use for the .308s if I have to. I figure Im good for the rest of the year on all my ammo and reloading supplies. But I continue to pick up things if they are reasonable.
I hope he chokes on them.
I paid a bit less

I think I paid around $4 for 100 about a year ago :eek:
Before I came to Texas in October '12, I got a thousand Remington LP's and Federal LR's for $31/1000.

Same Fed's are now $31.49/1000 and Rem's $38.99 + shipping and (if applicable) hazardous fees. $27.50 at Midway.

Scalpers like the one at GunBroker should be banned from the site, and store managers who get caught reselling ammo should be scalped also. If it is suspected and can be proved, report it.
I was able to get 1000 CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers at my LGS last week for $49.95. This was a little more than I had paid in the past, but I needed them. He only had the one box and said he didn't know when more would be coming in. Large Rifle primers were nowhere to be found. I checked again earlier this week. The owner said he had no idea when primers would be available. He said the same about 22LR ammo. I've been dealing with this gun shop for 25 years under the same ownership and have no reason to believe he wasn't being truthful.
Talk about scalpers have you looked at Cheaper Than Dirt :mad:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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