Anyone own Sigs?

Discussion in 'Other Guns' started by Windy, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Thanks Windy

    From her e-mail this morning, sounds like things are OK. She's a HQ staffer. Wrote and told me a Seal Team was going to extract her from the office and do a little walk about and burn some ammo as range time. She's looking forward to it.

    Since the increased tempo post 9-11...stuff's in an eggshell state over there. Say a prayer for all our men and women in harm's way that we should not be putting there in the first place. The barbarians have conducted their way of life for centuries and only fools would think we can actually effect any postitive changes. All we're doing beside staining the soil with their and our blood is showing them better methods and providing more advanced weaponry that they will turn against us in the end.

    Have an otherwise great day!

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    My son is a retired deputy, I am retired Army. We are gunsmths. We both carry Sig P 938s. Sigs just work. Period. Godspeed your daughter