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My youngest son and I participated in our first Appleseed this past Patriots Day weekend in Pelham, NH. He's 11 and we both had a wonderful experience. I have shot with him before but he soaked up the instruction and definitely improved as the weekend progressed. He was 100% safe. He was shooting a 1994 Marlin Model 70 with Tech Sights and the stock cut down to fit him. I was shooting a cobled together Marlin 995 with a model 60 barrel and receiver with Tech Sights. I struggled with feed issues with the rifle all weekend. That combined with not enough magazines left me disappointed with my shooting performance. We did have a fellow shooter loan us 4 additional magazines for Sunday, so thank you Chris! When we got home Saturday night he retold all the history to his siblings and mother. He was fascinated by all of it and obviously retained what was presented. Sunday, at the known distance shoot to 100 yards, my son was able to score 5 of 10 hits the first string and 8 of 10 in the second. He was thrilled. We also were happy to participate in the coordinated volley. Thank you to the shoot boss, Lou, and the other instructors, Corliss, Angelina and Nick. I already have tickets to the June event in Dunbarton, NH. this time with my other son and daughter as well.

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