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The first production models just became available within the last two weeks. I picked mine up yesterday. Some differences from the regular 795: no dovetail cut in the barrel for a rear sight, Tech Sights installed, engraving on side of receiver "Appleseed LTR", sling swivel attachment points are integrated (molded) into the stock, includes two, 10-round magazines, 1" wide black Tech Sights web sling included, coupon for a free Appleseed event included.

This last item, the free shoot coupon- HEADS UP. There were some reports of rifles received early on that the coupons were not included. What happened was that they were not put inside the rifle box at the Marlin factory in Mayfield, KY. Davidson's stuck them in a bag and put it in the shipping box. Some FFL's overlooked the coupon and may have tossed them in the trash. They should have corrected this by now (my coupon was taped to the outside of the rifle box), but tell your FFL to watch for the coupon.

I have not shot this rifle yet. I bought it to give out as a loaner when I instruct at Appleseed events, so it may be a long time before I actually get to shoot it. I did dry fire it and the trigger breaks clean at 7 lbs. The magazines are very tight. All range reports I have seen indicated the typical high level of accuracy associated with these rifles.

By all means get one ordered, and then use that coupon to get yourself and your rifle to a Project Appleseed clinic:

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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