Arbor day !!

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    Right after I built the covered 50 yard benches last year a dead Cedar close fell over. It has gotten so you have to bob & weave between the branches going out the south end of the bench line. Cut the top 15' or so off the top, then cut the main part at the stump. Hooked up the ole Ford and it pulled out as easy as pie.. Have it all chunked up for more fire wood this camping season. Now I have to clear the sprouts and wild rose bushes out.

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    HMMM.....I thought Arbor day was when you planted trees?
    Nothing like the smell of cedar.
    Paint job on the Ford looks good to.

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    Still have to strip the second head light and paint to put back on. Dont know why ....... I dont work at night. They havnt been hooked up for a lot of years. I did put the switch back on when I redid the sheet metal. Guess I will go ahead and hook em up.