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As soon as they arrive...out the door !!!

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Was at the gun shop this morning. He got in 3 AR rifles yesterday afternoon. Sent out the E-mails to all customers on his list. I was there at 0930...They were gone...along with a dozen 30 and 20 round magizines. They were in the 1300 to 1600 range. Someone has one on consignment for 2000 for 2 weeks. Its a 900 gun. No takers.

Still no .223 ammo. ( I have plenty, so dont need any ) Everything else he has. I picked up two bricks of .22 LR and 100 rds of .38 spl along with 100 of .38+P......all ammo still same price, no increase. Even the local Wal-Mart has gotten in 9mm, but as with everyone else no .223 availiable. The Manager said he saw where Corperate had REORDERED THE ARs for the least for this area.

All my realoading gear is still on backorder. Turret Press, dies, and some other odd and ends. I did put in an order for a S&W 22A-1 .22 Target pistol in 7" barrel. He has one in 5.5". Told him if the 7" didnt come in before middle of Feb. I would take the shorter if it was still there. I can get the 7" bull barrel for $150.
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I hear you on that SW I'm looking for some Magazines for my AR-15 no where to be found when i do find them there marked up buy way to much .My order for Natchez was on the 3rd last Thursday and its still sitting in their warehouse.Almost everything online that I would like to order from Midway is on backorder.
This happened after the last Ban also. Once the craze is over prices will settle down...
I just order some magazines from Cabelas on backorder.They will be in about 5-6 weeks
Here in the Maryland, things are crazy to the point of head shaking. The longguns chambered in .223/5.56 have dried up; 9 m/m and .45 auto handguns fly off the shelves as soon as they are inventoried; there are no extra magazines anywhere; ammo, what ammo?; and the State Police are a month behind on background checks on the pistol and "regulated" rifles - read non-HBAR AR-15s. It was bad the last time, but it's much worse now. Everybody used to laugh at the old guy with revolvers and 30/30s - now whose laughing, there's plenty of ammo around in those calibers.
since I reload all of my centerfires, I hadn't given it much thought (ammo).
after a trip to the store( for something unrelated to shooting, I thought I would stop in and was amazed at the empty shelves and all the frazzled looking employees. LOL funny I can still find what I need, primers, powders, and bullets seem to be doing OK :D
I received an email this morning that my order has been shipped.It took Natchez 12 days to get my order out for delivery.
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