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Assault weapons ban dropped from bill !!!

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Assault style weapons and magazine capasity provisions DROPPED from Senate bill. LINK PROVIDED:
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Some people just don't git it!

I doubt it, they`ve already relized it`ll start bad JOO-JOO...they`ll probley send Kary whining to the U.N. for help
A friend of mine new to shootin (since 71) called me and we talked about guns. He bought 2 handguns and a rifle and then complained he was tired of hearing about all the antigun BS. I told him he better bone up on what's goin on out there because there are some nastyass people doing their best to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. I told him that what all the BS is all about.

He called me back a couple days later sayin he didn't realize it was real. he thought it was just a bunch or radicals stewing about JUST the AWB. I informed him that was the second step towards socialism/communism/one world ruler/dictatorship.

His reply was that he had contacted several of his friends and they told him he should get ready to make a stand. He told me there is a revolution brewing. He also said he will stand or fall but "they ain't takin my F'n guns. He is a Nam Vet and was a River Rat. I am happy to say, he is on our side. (I just cant get him to buy a Marlin. :confused:
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10-4 Spoon

Hey hombre...Thanks for waking another sleeper up!

Not only him but he has 3 boys and a couple daughters. The boys are getting interested too. Hopefully the girls will get into the action also.

I feel a certain responsibility to those I help get started in the sport. If I want them to be safe and stay alive, I feel like I should do all I can to direct them wisely. I have lost a couple friends in the hunting woods to shooters who had more bullets than brains. I do not want to lose another one.
NO means NO!

Don't let this happen...

In OZ we're way worse off
I vote NO but in this country with the present administration, NO is just a word. Too bad for them...they know the damage they are doing. I hope they understand the repercussions are of their own doing.
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