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Myself and 4 Mates headed up into Central New South Wales, an 11 hr drive, last week, in two 4x4's and had a ball.

It was supposed to be a Pig hunt, but we only seen 3 Pigs, and got 2 of them.
Also shot approximately 60 goats, ans 18 foxes, so all was not lost.

All my hard work, resetting my rifles with harder hitting Projectiles proved invaluable. All performed brilliantly, to say the least.
Now being 62, and the age thing is slowly catching up with me, ie steady off hand shooting, which I can still do, but it is more luck than good management these days, (just not as strong).
Even so the young fellars hung some shit on me, as I cannot jump in and out of the back of the Ute anymore..
Enjoy the foto's


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Thanks for the photo's. Did you notice that hog had a stick in his mouth? lol He even brought his own bullets!!!

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Looks like you guys had a great time - always good to get away from the women once in awhile. Speaking of women, that last photo reminds me of someone I dated in didn't happen to find a necklace that bore the inscription...oh, never mind.
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