Bad batch of Serbian Ammo

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by turkeyoak, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I normally use US ammo, Federal first and Rem/Win next. I was at Academy and they were out of Federal but they had cheap Monarch from Serbia. I figured a couple of boxes to waste at the range would be fine.
    BIG mistake.
    I dont know what was wrong but it wouldnt feed, it would hang up on ejection, and just felt bad. I thought it was dry so I Rem Oiled the works, but no use. I quit after 15.
    I thought I had ruined my rifle but fortunately I had some Federals in my box. I ran a few of those through and they were perfect and smooth.
    I use Serbian In my Mosin and it runs fine, but never again for .30-30.
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    Thanks for the heads up...!

  3. axxe55

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    one thing i have heard about the Serbian ammo is that it's kind of 50/50 on whether a batch is good or not. i don't like those kinds of odds when it comes to ammo.
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    This weekend I ran a bunch of different ammo through my new (to me) 3082. Amongst the various brands were Prvi Partizan 170 grain from AIM Surplus and Monarch (rebranded Prvi) 150 grain bought locally at Academy. I had exactly zero malfunctions with either of them or any other brand/weight that I ran. It's loaded with Monarch 150 right now.

    I also regularly run Prvi for cheap practice ammo in several other guns, both pistols and rifles without problem. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but I think it has to be an isolated incident.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the 30-30. I got my Yugo Mauser going and needed so ammo to test it. The only 8mm Cabellas had was Serbian. I figured they made the gun, so it has to work. It did work just fine, and at 16 bucks a box with boxer primed brass I'll buy more.