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Haven't shot a Barrett, but the big lady is a piece of cake in almost every weapon. Most all the darn things weigh in excess of 30 #s and with the track artillery-sized comps on the end, the recoil is pretty tame considering the massive kinetic energy let loose. My pic/icon is of one round I got a little too comfortable with and wasn't even holding the weapon firm to my shoulder. Got complacent and it scoped me! Boy was I embarrassed :eek: I just dropped my head down and some though it knocked me out. Oh well, I dead centered the point of it was good form, breath, trigger control/follow through...other than not getting cozy with the big single shot cannon! Burnt about 30 rounds in that .50BMG that afternoon. I wish I could afford to own/shoot one, but at 25 rounds to a pound of powder...not to mention other components...they're rich boys toys ;)
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